Nickie Asher

Violently turned vampire against his will and plunged into a paranormal world he didn’t believe in, Alex Connor learns his problems are only beginning.

On top of the challenges of adjusting to unlife, Alex’s world tightens around him. If being rejected by the woman he desires, tormented by a cunning enemy, and hunted by a man bent on eliminating the local undead population isn’t enough, events go downhill from there. Topping off his difficulties are a ruthless sire with an agenda hinging on Alex's skills and a young woman who uncovers his secret and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Judgment is a collection of short stories set in the dark world of the Judgment Series in which vampires are subjugated by the US government. These diverse stories range from sexy romance to paranormal bordering on horror.

Taking readers on an emotional thrill ride.