Nickie Asher

Coming fall 2018

The author who isn't afraid to go there...and make readers feel it.

...."this series ranks up there with the top sellers of the genre, right alongside J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series, and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters." - Alanna P. (Judgment Series)

Coming Summer 2018

Ashton is blindsided when a monster from his past surfaces. Kreano. The turncoat who almost killed him and haunts his nightmares. Kreano is involved in the abduction of someone close to Resistance leadership. Someone who knows a secret that could blow everything apart.
He has to find Kreano’s prisoner before it’s too late. If he breaks under enemy questioning, the Resistance may fall. And the one person the vampires desperately need will remain hidden forever.
When Kreano learns he’s being hunted by a Resistance member. He isn’t worried. He exploits the one weakness of every male vampire. He threatens the female Ashton loves.
Angry and distrustful of her ex-lover, Tess wants nothing but distance between her and Ashton. But she has little choice when he demands she move into the mansion for her own safety.
With Tess under his protection, Ashton must decide if he can let the past go and win her back or lose the one thing that can save him from himself.Type your paragraph here.

The Judgment Series

A Judgment Series novella.

Slade has two ways of dealing with trauma. Neither involve a female. But all bets are off when fate throws Alyssa into his path.

If the unwanted feelings she stirs up in him aren’t enough to throw his world into disorder, the government sanctioned slaughter of his people goes into full-force when a terrifying lab engineered virus is set loose on the vampire community.

Can he move beyond his past and accept what fate has delivered? Or will he succumb to the fear that he is beyond salvage and lose the only person who can save him from himself?

How does a vampire fight a government determined to exterminate his race? Any bloody way he can.

Fledgling Julian Wilkes is thrust into a nightmare world where Seattle's vampire population are brutally victimized by humans.

After the devastating loss of his career as a symphony musician, Julian has little left to believe in until he meets Saranna, a female vampire who steals his breath and his heart.

But after witnessing the horrifying murder of three young vampires, Julian understands that only the underground Resistance can save his persecuted race from total government annihilation and he wants to join the fray—if only he can prove himself a warrior.